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Simbiosys is a forthcoming mod for Half-Life 2. The player takes the role of a prototype genetically-engineered agent, extending the rule of the brutal Terran Compact.

The mod will emphasise the simple joy of killing things to music, and encourage the player to immerse themselves in the role of an inhuman hunter-killer.

A wealth of background information about Simbiosys' world can be found here.


Maugeter is a sophisticated and ambitious Neverwinter Nights campaign

This adventure prioritises character choice, by accommodating your character and allowing that character to make dramatic, world-affecting decisions. At the same time, it avoids skimping on the various CRPG essentials, immersion, characterisation, exploration, discovery and a good dose of killing things and stealing their stuff.

The full campaign can be downloaded here.

Design Articles

A small repository of design articles, including one published in PC Format, can be found here.

The author makes no claims regarding his ability to design a beautiful website, only that his games are good.